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adobe-acrobat-8My sister has tried numerous times to install Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 on her new Windows 7, 64-bit. For any reasons, it would freeze every single time she opened it even though I downloaded the “patch” file for her. Then she decided to uninstall the Adobe Acrobat 8, but the removal process freezes about 60-65% of the way through, and she just end up closing it down. To make things get worse, she cannot install any new software on my computer because the installer application keeps saying that another program is being installed (Adobe) while in actuality it is NOT!

How to get entire Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 off PC?

To get Adobe Acrobat 8 completely removed from the computer. This is the first thing I have tried. Since the program is still listed when I got to the control panel, I have tried Modify, Repair, and Remove all unsuccessfully. I have deleted all files from the C: drive except the “Resource” folder, which I keep getting Folder Access Denied and that I “require permission from SYSTEM to make changes to this folder.” But I have logged in as the administrator on this computer, so I don’t know what that is all about. I am beyond frustration with this. But after I did the uninstall, the Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro says it deactivates, but then when I install again it seems like it is automatically reactivated.

Remove Acrobat 8 Professional Completely

The final strategy that worked against Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 is a software uninstaller. Though Adobe recommends that users use the uninstall utility in the Add/Remove Programs of Windows to remove Adobe Acrobat 8 from the computer, occasionally, however, damaged files or a partial installation can prevent the Adobe Acrobat 8 uninstaller from working correctly. This usually is the reason why the uninstaller leaves files or empty application folders on the system after the removal is performed or Adobe Acrobat 8 is missing from the Add/Remove Programs list.

Remove Adobe Acrobat 8 using the uninstaller
The Perfect Uninstaller is designed to remove everything installed by Adobe Acrobat 8. When you start Adobe Acrobat 8 for the first time, or when you modify the preferences, Acrobat sometimes creates new folders. Now not only I have uninstalled Adobe Acrobat 8 with this uninstaller even Windows not showing hidden files, but it also effectively managed my PC registry. Thereafter, my sister’s computer is running as brand new because of the removal of the unwanted programs such as Blackberry Desktop Manager.

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