CA Parental Control Uninstall – How Do I Completely Remove CA Parental Controls

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ca-parental-control1My uncle just moved to a very remote area and had to revert back to using dial-up Internet access with Although he had previously installed CA Security Suite 2008, he elected to download Verizon’s Internet Security Suite and remove the CA Security Suite. Through Control Panel, he did remove CA Security Suite with its Parental Control as stated. Now, every time he attempts to access Verizon web mail or any web page through Internet Explorer, he gets a message that tells him that CA Parental Controls have blocked the access.

What and how to uninstall Parental Controls?
He has searched files for many hours during the past couple of days, and deleted and/or destroyed every file that I could associate with CA, or with the old EZ Trust software. But nothing helps out. The computer can only access state and federal government web pages, but nothing else. The following is how I eliminate this problem and get his Internet connection available again.

How to uninstall CA Parental Controls without uninstalling the rest of the CA Internet Security Suite?
1. Click the Start button and click on Control Panel.
2. Double-click on Add/Remove Programs.
If you are a Vista user, do one of the following:
1. Open up Programs and Features in the Classic View, or
2. Click on Uninstall a Program under the Programs category if you are in the Category view.
3. Click on CA Internet Security Suite and click on the Remove button.

If you are a Vista user, click on the Uninstall button above the program list, then:
1. Check the box to the left of CA Parental Controls and click Uninstall.
2. The Uninstall process would now prompt for the CA Parental Controls Administrator password.
3. Type the CA Parental Controls Administrator password (This is the password you first gave when installing CA Parental Controls (or) if you had modified the password after installing, the this is the latest modified password)
4. Click OK on the Password box. This would take the un-installation further.
5. Once the CA Parental Controls is uninstalled you would be prompted to restart the computer. Click on the button Complete.
6. Once the computer restarts and is back on your desktop, your CA Parental Controls un-installation is complete.

If the CA Parental Control is not visible as stated above, it is likely that it is corrupted and there’s another option to get around it. In other words, you should manually delete or forcibly uninstall directories of CA Parental Control.

As default, there are directories of CA Parental Control as such:

C:\Program Files\CA
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Scanner
C:\Users\All Users\CA\Consumer\CCube

After that, you should check the system files on your computer with the following instruction,

①Go to Start Menu, select “Run”, and type in the “cmd” in the pop up box.
②Then, place the Windows Service Pack CD( Windows system installing CD) in the CD-ROM.
③Last, type in “sfc /scannow” after the cursor of” C:\ Documents and Settings\Administrator>_” ( in the black back ground box)

CA Parental Controls Uninstaller
Needless to say, a software alternative that will automatically complete the process would be the best option for all of us who are not tech savvy. A Perfect Uninstaller is powerful in force uninstall CA Parental Controls or any unwanted programs, applications or software. It has been proven to be safe to uninstall CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 on any Windows system and does what a professional IT engineer does.

CA Parental Control Force Uninstall instruction
1. Quit al the running programs on your system
2. Force Uninstall ( one directory a time, multifiles a time by left click to select)

3. Right click each of the directorie (or selected files) to select “Force Uninstall” to start the removal. ( Also note that the Perfect Uninstaller is not running on your computer when you are going to Froce Uninstall)
4. Follow the on screen steps to finish the removal of CA Parental Control.

5. Repeat the Force Uninstall process untill all the directories and files of CA are gone.

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