Cannot uninstall Panda Antivirus software – Remove Panda Antivirus Pro

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panda-antivirusMy father downloaded Panda Antivirus as suggested to assist with the removal of Spy falcon weeks ago, now he wants to uninstall it and install AVG instead. But he is getting many problems when he attempts to uninstall it through control panel. He can’t bag the Panda Antivirus software as the error “cannot delete ICL_CFG.DLL:Access is denied” came up when it went though the first menu and started to uninstall. I have tried everything I can think of. But now when I boot up it starts to automatically load up to the point it says there is compatibility issues.

How to Remove Panda Antivirus Pro Effectively?

As technology moves forward, a few bugs found on Panda Security program, which includes Panda Antivirus Pro. This is how I remove the current installed Panda Antivirus Pro program and re-install a new version or another new antivirus program.

1. Download the UNINSTALLER.EXE (642 KB) file.
2. Save the file, to the Windows Desktop for example.
3. Run the UNINSTALLER.EXE file by double-clicking it.
Click Yes when a window showing the following message is displayed:
Do you want to run this uninstaller?
WARNING: It will reboot at the end to ensure a clean uninstall. Even if the window is not displayed, please reboot your computer once the uninstall process is completed.

This should have taken the Panda Antivirus software off. But when I try to install AVG antivirus, there’s a message saying there is Panda Security program already installed on the PC. Thereafter, I was advised to completely remove files and registry entries of the Panda antivirus such as:

Panda Antivirus Uninstaller
However, the most proven way I found later is to use a professional and trusted Panda uninstaller. A Perfect Uninstaller for Panda will only take a few minutes to uninstall Panda Antivirus and thoroughly wipe out all its remains. Have a cup of coffee when the uninstaller is doing its business in uninstalling any useless programs such as Smart Internet Protection 2011.

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