How Do I Remove AVG Secure Search Completely From My Computer System?

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How do you get rid of AVG Secure Search on all new tabs in your IE? My new friend has this dam thing showing up on all new tabs in her IE even though Facebook is set to be her home page when she first opens IE and new tabs have always had that blank page thing until AVG trashed up her life. This stupid AVG Secure Search page pops up on her only on a new tab and it has a fallacious Settings link in the lower right that pops a screen that looks like if you just uncheck this pre-checked box saying Show AVG Secure Search Box on new tabs in the browser and then click OK it won’t go away.

How to delete AVG Secure Search on Internet Explorer 8?

  1. Press the Windows logo key and R simultaneously.
  2. Type inetcpl.cpl and click OK.
  3. Click the Programs tab.
  4. Click the Manage add-ons button.
  5. Select the Search Providers item.
  6. You can select any of the available search providers in the list, set it as default or remove it. Before removing a search provider, please make sure to set another one as your default search provider. If your favorite search provider is not in the list, click the Find more search providers blue link in the lower part of the window.
  7. Also, you could prevent programs from changing your default search provider.
  8. All changes are applied immediately; when the configuration suits your needs, simply click the Close button.

How to delete AVG Secure Search on Mozilla Firefox 11?

  1. Click the small arrow next to the search provider icon and select Manage Search Engines…
  2. Select the AVG Secure Search and Remove it.
  3. Open the Firefox menu and select Options -> Options (or open the Tools menu and select the Options item).
  4. Select the General tab and reset your home page.
  5. Type about:config in the address bar and press Enter.
  6. Press the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button.
  7. Type “search” in the Search text box.
  8. Right click the engine name and select Reset from the context menu.
  9. Type “keyword” in the Search text box.
  10. Right click the keyword.URL item and select Reset from the context menu.
  11. AVG Secure Search is now completely removed from the Mozilla Firefox browser.

How to delete AVG Secure Search permanently?
But what can you do to get rid of this AVG thing completely from your computer? If you are newbie and don’t have a clue about those, you can really use some quick help. You don’t really need to learn all about Add-ons. You just have to learn enough to deal with this AVG Secure Search with effective uninstalling software such as Perfect Uninstaller.

A fully authorized Perfect Uninstaller will provide the fastest way to identify AVG Secure Search and have it removed with multiple means possible!

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