How Do You Get Rid Of Refog Free Keylogger On Your Computer?

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Do you have any experience on using or removing some special program? Imagine you are writing an e-mail message. Then you click a wrong button or your e-mail client hangs and you have to write the same text from scratch. Sounds familiar? With Refog Free Keylogger, you will never lose any of your text, whether it was typed in an e-mail client, a text editor, an on-line form or anywhere else. This free program logs everything you type. Get your passwords, registration keys and other info safely logged.

The following steps are about uninstalling Refog Free Keylogger with Add/Remove Programs.

  1. Click Start Menu > Control Panels > Add/Remove Programs > Refog Free Keylogger > Uninstall. (For Windows XP)


  1. Click Start Menu > Programs and Features > Uninstall A Program > Refog Free Keylogger > Uninstall. (For Windows Vista and 7)

Removing Refog Free Keylogger of related files

  1. Open Start Menu and then open Search.
  2. Enter Refog Free Keylogger on the blank and then select Local Hard Drives, click Yes.
  3. Once it shown you all related files, delete them all.
  4. Open Start Menu again, and go to Run.
  5. Enter regedit and click Yes to activate Registry Editor.
  6. Find out entries related to Refog Free Keylogger and delete them all.
  7. Reboot your computer.

With most accurate technology, Perfect Uninstaller is professional in uninstalling unwanted programs. It is highly recommended for you to use it to uninstall Refog Free Keylogger or remove RoboForm automatically. After using it, you will find that Refog Free Keylogger, its files and registry entries included, have been uninstalled completely.

  1. Download and install Refog Free Keylogger.
  2. Operate it and then navigate to Refog Free Keylogger on the list.
  3. Press Uninstall and follow the prompts to fully uninstall Refog Free Keylogger.
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