How Do You Uninstall The Coupon Printer?

on October 24th, 2011 | 5 Comments

coupon-printerDespite of the fact that Coupon Printer is a software program that enables user to send coupons to your printer and get it printed afterward, my friend is having a terrible time getting Coupon Printer (from to work. When she clicks on a link to print a coupon, it says she needs to install the Coupon Printer. So, she downloads and installs it and when it’s done it says it was successful and you may now print your coupon. When she tries to print the coupon, it goes back to “install Coupon Printer”. She has done this 10 times in a row and it never works. She has tried allowing everything she could think of, everywhere she could think of, and even turned off her firewall at one point. This is the most frustrating thing ever. The following is how I finally get rid of this annoying printer issue of Coupon.

First of all, before uninstalling Coupon Printer for Windows, you should be removing it on Control Panel.
1. Click the Start menu, select Control Panel.
2. Click on the “Devices and Printers” icon.
3. Right click the Printer icon to select to delete the Coupon Printer.

Then you can easily uninstall the Coupon Printer by using the uninstall option in the Coupons program group.
1. Click the “Start” menu button and select “All Programs”.
2. Click the “Coupons” program icon and select “Uninstall Coupon Printer for Windows”. This will initiate the Coupon Printer uninstaller.
3. The Coupon Printer will now uninstall itself, which may take a moment or two.
4. Once the wizard completes, the Coupon Printer will be removed from your computer.

If you experience difficulty uninstalling the Coupon Printer, it may be that your Coupon Printer was not successfully installed or uninstalled. Reinstalling the Coupon Printer somehow will make all the required files for uninstalling present, but this is not always the case. If you are under this circumstance, Perfect Uninstaller would be the best choice to get this corrupted program removed as it has successfully removed hundreds of unwanted program including AVG 2011.

Force Uninstall Coupon Printer with Perfect Uninstaller the easy way
1. Reboot your computer.
2. Right click the directory or program folder of Coupon Printer in the hard drive to select “Force Uninstall” to start the removal.
3. Follow the on screen steps to finish the removal.
4. Reboot your computer and repeat the Force Uninstall process until the directory of Coupon Printer are gone.
5. After that, select or insert the option, Show Windows installer, on the main panel of Perfect Uninstaller.
6. Click any components of Coupon Printer on the program list of Perfect Uninstaller and click uninstall to start the removal.

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5 Responses to How Do You Uninstall The Coupon Printer?

  1. helen richter -  October 24, 2011 at 8:35 am

    Hello! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you have here on this subject of Coupon.

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  2. david jhson -  October 24, 2011 at 8:38 am

    Just now read the post on Uninstaller tool. Awesome job

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  3. Erica F -  October 24, 2011 at 8:43 am

    Nice post, it’s really helped me alot, If people could post experiences and information on Coupon Printer, I think it would be nice to craft it all into a sticky-thread.

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  4. sarah madison -  October 24, 2011 at 9:00 am

    I just ran into this problem today and have tried all of the above to uninstall the program.

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  5. janine rose -  October 24, 2011 at 9:06 am

    I have spend hours reading your blog on Coupon. Very useful.

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