How I You Uninstall PCTools Registry Mechanic V.11? – Removal Solution

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Some time ago Richard downloaded PC Tools Registry Mechanic v.11. He has no clue why he did since it was a huge mistake. He decided to uninstall it. The tech support of PC Tools is helpless. The RM program does not show up on the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove list but it does have an uninstall utility in the RM program group. Given that RM made his computer completely useless, he tried to uninstall it but received a message stating that it is missing core application files then it lists a number of file names, which does not permit him to delete it. We looked up how to uninstall it and I tried using regedit and deleting the program, however it clearly did not work.

Manual removal of PC Tools Registry Mechanic v.11

  1. If you want to perform a manual uninstall of PC Tools Registry Mechanic v.11, click on ‘Start’ and then click on ‘Run’, when you are there type regedit.
  2. Then click on Hkey_Current_User, and go to software and scroll down to Registry Mechanic.
  3. When you have found Registry Mechanic, click on Edit and then delete.
  4. Go to Hkey_Local_Machine, then go to software and do the same thing and the same for Hkey_User. You will find either your name or software and follow the same steps as before until clicking on Edit and then hit delete.

You may find other entries to RM in the registry, but be careful that you only delete references to Registry Mechanic, since what’s removed from the registry is gone permanently.

Automatic uninstall of PC Tools Registry Mechanic v.11
There are several tools recommended for you to uninstall PC Tools Registry Mechanic v.11 for example Perfect Uninstaller. These kinds of tools are used when the traditional Add/Remove program from the control panel are unable to remove/clean registry entries of a program like System Mechanic 10. The standard Windows Add /Remove program is not always successful at completely uninstalling all applications and broken registry keys. Unlike the Add/Remove program, Perfect Uninstaller not only uninstalls the PC Tools Registry Mechanic v.11 but also clean up the leftover registry files(as below video shows).
Force Uninstall PCToolRegistry Mechanic video
It will defend your PC from corrupted registry errors, improving your PC performance and speed.

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