How Do You Uninstall Borderbund Calendar Creator ?

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Why do we have to uninstall Borderbund Calendar Creator?

I can tell you right now about the fact that you can not install a new version of Calendar Creator without first uninstalling the older version. Before we start to use the best way to uninstall Calendar Creator, maybe you want to learn how to uninstall the older version of Calendar Creator manually. It might be a very good idea to make sure that absolutely all files, folders and shortcuts for the older version are manually removed before installing the new version.
Now I am going to show you the simplest way to uninstall all the old versions of Calendar Creator.

Uninstall Borderbund Calendar Creator

Step1: Double-click Borderbund Calendar Creator, and then click Next.
Follow a few on-screen instructions, and then click Finish.
Step3: Reboot your PC, and then the application will be uninstalled completely.

Borderbund Calendar Creator 12 is the latest version and the removal of it is more detailed within Perfect Uninstaller.

The instructions to uninstall Borderbund Calendar Creator 12

Step1: Click Special Uninstall to open a the application list.

Uninstall Borderbund Calendar Creator

Step2: Click the Copernic Agent Basic program and click Next.
Step3: Click Next and then Next again.
Step4: Click OK and Finish.
Step5: Reboot your PC to completely uninstall Borderbund Calendar Creator.

If you find out Borderbund Calendar Creator is still in your system, you should check your version of Perfect Uninstaller is updated or not. Please always keep your version the latest by clicking the update icon, which is very easy, in order that you can have an effective removal to more and more new stuck programs.

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