Icy Tower Uninstall – How Do I Remove Icy Tower Completely?

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Which game are you going to replay or remove? Harold the Homeboy has decided to climb a huge tower he found the other day. It’s up to you to help him get as high as possible without falling down, and collect extra points by doing cool moves on the way. Icy Tower is a fun and short, yet addictive game, where your only goal is to gain as many points as possible. The best way is to climb really high and make combo jumps on the way. The game brings you custom characters, unlockable floor types, replays to share with your friends, and lots of combo rewards.

Uninstall Icy Tower with its own uninstaller

  1. Click on Start Menu and then go to All Programs.
  2. Navigate to Icy Tower and then go to an application called Uninstall Icy Tower.
  3. Click it and follow the prompts to complete the uninstall task.

Due to the fact that there is some files generated both in drives and the registry when installing Soda program on your computer, the error is bound to occur if the files and the registry keys cannot be completely removed. To make sure that there is none of file associated Icy Tower locating on your computer, you can search from “Start”. Regarding to the registry, go to the Run, Regedit to delete/disable the registry key relating to Icy Tower. But it is almost impossible to finish this step for not all people are professional on computers. Other than that, as registry plays a very important role to your PC, any improper operation will disastrously make the computer corrupted.

By using the method above, most users would uninstall Icy Tower successfully. However, even a tiny mistake will make this simple removal become a disaster. It involves editing the actual Windows registry and would bring you many troubles. Moreover, the removal may mess up with other program on the computer and may causing crash. Therefore, it is highly recommended users to use reliable uninstall tool like Perfect Uninstaller to uninstall Icy Tower.

  1. Download and install a Perfect Uninstaller on your computer.
  2. Run it to make a look over programs on your system first.
  3. Navigate to Icy Tower on the list, and then click Uninstall.
  4. Follow the pop-up prompts and you will uninstall Icy Tower soon.

By taking this way, you also can easily uninstall SL Story Speaker with Perfect Uninstaller with a few clicks!

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