Media Finder Not Found To Remove? – How Do You Uninstall Media Finder?

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How do you uninstall Media Finder? Refer to, my uncle’s friend doesn’t know how it got on his computer but he can’t find the file for it or on his hard drive and it has pop ups all the time It won’t let him make changes to it such as “Don’t start on system start-up” unless he buys it. This is really annoying him.

Although Media Finder is said to be a real-time search engine that finds files based on your keywords and it scans the internet for files that match your criteria, then allows you one-click access to your download; there are cases that people find this program conflicted on their system and slow down the computer performance. If you happen to be one of them, please follow the instructions set out here:

  1. Close and exit Media Finder completely.
  2. Click on the Windows “Start” menu in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.
  3. Click on “Settings” > “Control Panel” > “Add or Remove Programs”.
  4. You will see a window with a list of the programs installed on your computer.
  5. Find the Media Finder name; highlight it by clicking on it, and then click on the ‘Uninstall’ button (or ‘Remove’ in Windows XP).

That being said, it is never easy to make the Media Finder leave the way it comes. Or you have tried removing Media Finder by going to control panel > add or remove programs but then you couldn’t find the software, a precise software uninstaller like Perfect Uninstaller would be helpful. The specifically designed Perfect Uninstaller works its ways to expose the all installed entries of Media Finder and have them removed in only a few minutes together with a few clicks! This way you can also successfully get rid of Vshare right away!

Force Uninstall Media Finder

  1. Quit and exit any running browsers.
  2. Run Perfect Uninstaller.
  3. Select Force Uninstall Icon and click on “Yes” in the popped up box.
  4. Navigate to directory of Media Finder in the hard drive, such as C:\Program Files\Media Finder, and then click on next to start the Force Uninstall
  5. Reboot computer and repeat the Force Uninstall process until all the directories of Media Finder are gone.
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